Oxygen therapy

Hospital Services Oxygen Therapy

More and more people are using oxygen therapy outside the hospital, permitting them to lead more active, productive lives. There are different ways to deliver oxygen therapy in the home and our therapists will work with each patient to find the safest and most appropriate way to do so.

Oxygen Concentrators

The oxygen concentrator is an electric oxygen delivery system. The concentrator extracts some of the air from the room and separates the oxygen from other gases in the air. Oxygen is then delivered to the patient through a nasal cannula or a mask. Portable oxygen concentrators are available for traveling patients.

Liquid Oxygen

When liquid oxygen is warmed, it becomes a gas so it can be delivered to the patient. A liquid oxygen system includes a large stationary unit that stays in the home. It also includes a small, portable canister that can be filled from the large unit for trips outside the home.

Oxygen Cylinders

Compressed oxygen comes in a tank that stores oxygen as a gas. A regulator is attached to the tank to adjust the oxygen flow. These tanks may vary in size. A special type of regulator, Oxygen Conserving Devices (OCD’s), conserves oxygen and smaller tanks provide hours of oxygen while the patient is away from home.

Respiratory Medication Delivery

We are pleased to offer a selection of respiratory medication delivery devices. We supply Medication Compressors and accessories for nebulized medication delivery, as well as spacers required with puffer use. We have products for everyone from infants to adults. Please contact our office for information in regards to cost and coverage.

Airway Management

At RHS, we offer a full range of suction, high humidity and tracheostomy supplies. Please contact us for your airway management needs and we would be pleased to help you in any way we can.